Searching for Professional Awning Repair in Houston, TX?

Affordable & Effective Awning Repair

Presentation is everything no matter what industry you’re in. At Awnings Houston, we help local business owners maintain a neat, attractive, and professional appearance with efficient and dependable awning repair services. Our reliable awning repairs cover everything from restitching seams and awning fabrics to complete reinstallation. No matter what happens to your commercial awning, canopy, or cover, Awnings Houston can deliver the fast and thorough repair you need to start attracting customers again.

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Heavy-Duty Frame Repair

The simple reality of business ownership is that sometimes accidents just happen. Storms can damage awnings if no steps are taken to provide protection, and it’s fairly commonplace for vehicles to back into awning framework and cause structural damage. At Awnings Houston, our responsive and reliable awning repair services also cover frame repairs and reinstallation for awnings damaged by accidents or adverse weather. Much like our design, fabrication, and installation services, the repairs we provide are effective and optimized to provide your business with a perfect awning that lasts for years to come.